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MS Challenge Walk, Services sponsored by EMD Serono, Pfizer


2011 Details

  Once in a great while, a challenge calls
that you simply must answer.

Explore the Challenge

Could you walk 50 miles in 3 days on Cape Cod to help find a cure for multiple sclerosis? Explore the Challenge and find out if you have what it takes. Talk face to face with Chapter staff and other walkers. Start building the unique camaraderie that grows with each training walk, leading ultimately to conquering the Challenge itself.

The Challenge Walk takes place September 9–11, 2011, on Cape Cod, Mass. Information about registration fees and deadlines, and minimum fundraising requirements are available online or by contacting Alexis Stone, Director of Teams and Corporate Development at or (201) 967-5599

We are also happy to schedule a one-on-one session to discuss this unique event with you.



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